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Are you vexed with repairs of your washing machine? we are here to help you. Just dial or click to register about the type of service you require from us. we send you our best-skilled technicians to your home to solve the problem at any time. Our main aim is to satisfy you with our Devoted service at an affordable price. we replace damaged spare parts with branded New ones. we provide all kinds of service to any brand washing machine.

We offer service to:

Semi-automatic washing machine,
Fully automatic top-load washing machine,
Fully automatic front-load washing machine,
Types of services we provide are:-
1. General service:-
we provide general service to your washing machine for good maintenance.
2. Repairs:-
we do all repairs in the washing machine to bring it into good working condition.
3. Deep cleaning:-
The drum, the drain is filled with lint, dirt is deeply cleaned to avoid the repairs.
4. No power on:-
If your machine is troubling with power on problem. we provide our service to solve it.

Book on Rajservices  for:

Genuine spare parts replaced at fixed pricing.
we provide you 30days service guarantee.
we provide well-skilled technicians at your choice of the slot at a reasonable cost.
Our team works systematically:

Bookings are accepted from both online & offline from any customers. we send an efficient technician to your desired space and charges affordable price. Now you can relax & the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems seen in washing machines:

This is due to over-load beyond the capacity of the machine.
Blocking/ leakage:-
This is because of the washer not loaded properly, Hose washers are worn, drains are clogged.
strange noises can be caused by objects in the washer, clogged drains.
Not running/filling water:-
Blockage of the inlet valve.
Would not drain/spin correctly:-
Dust formation in drain pipes leads to blockage, so the machine does not spin properly.
There will be a problem in power on, disturbance in working of the inlet valve, drain motor (torque motor), rotating motor etc.

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