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Looking for an efficient plumber? Then rajservicesonline service is the best choice for you. We provide well-trained &certified plumbers. We offer the best quality service within slot-time. We do all repairs like drain cleaning, leaking taps, taps fitting, flush tank fitting etc…we provide our service in both commercial, residential & industrial spaces. Damaged parts are also replaced at a reasonable cost to your great satisfaction.

Kinds of service we offer are:
1.General plumbing works:-
We provide ongoing maintenance for residential & commercial plumbing systems to prevent future plumbing emergencies.
We offer service to all kinds of repairs like broken taps, shower head, pipes are repaired efficiently.
We offer service to all leaking issues of taps, sinks, tanks etc.
We do new & old installations of plumbing systems to your desired location.

Merits of Rajservicesonline service:-

  • Replacement of damaged plumbing parts with branded new ones is done at affordable price.
  • We offer service in both commercials, residential & industrial spaces.
  • We serve you within slot-time of your choice.

About Our Strong team:-

We accept both online and offline bookings. Immediately after getting registered, we send you an expert to dial with your issue at your doorstep. Now stay relaxed work will get completed efficiently. We charge an affordable price for our loyal service.

Most common plumbing problems:-
1. Leaky pipes,
2. Toilets problems,
3. Low water pressure,
4. Dripping faucets,
5. Leaking hose bibb,
6. Slow drain,
7. Sump pump failure etc.

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