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RajServicesonline is consistently ready to serve you with a single Buzz/ click on our website rajservicesonline.com. We send you an efficient technician to solve your issue. we provide our honest service at a reasonable cost. We offer service to all brands gas stoves. we accept both online and offline bookings. 

We provide service to both:
A) Steel body gas stove
B) Glass body gas stove.

We accept both ignition and Non-ignition gas stoves kinds of service provided to the following:
1. Two-burner gas stove,
2. Three-burner gas stove,
3. Four-burner gas stove,
4. Auto-ignition gas stove,
5. Commercial gas stove.

Types of services we offer are:

(1) General service:-
We provide general service to improve the level of working of an appliance. We provide service to our best extent.
(2) Repairs:-
All the repairs are done by us. we do repairs to any brand gas stoves and spare parts are replaced when
damaged at a reasonable price.

Benefits of booking on Rajservices:

  • We provide service in both commercial & residential spaces of any brand gas stoves.
  • Spare parts are replaced when got damaged and branded new ones is fixed at a reasonable cost.
  • We provide 30days warranty.
  • We offer service within your choice of slot time.

How our team works:

Bookings are accepted from both online and offline from any individual. we send you a well-trained technician to solve the problem within the slot time. Just relax your appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems in the gas stove:

1. Gas leakage:-
Check pipe, knobs if you find out the gas leaking immediately call for a technician to solve the issue.
2. Noisy flame:-
This is because of a problem with mixing tube and burners. 
3. Blockage:-
Stove burners ports are clogged this make the burner not to lit the flame.
4. Low flame:-
It is because of less amount gas supply to burner contact technician for solving it.
5. Sim flame off:-
while reducing the flame, it gets turns off this leads to dangerous blasts make technician clear the problems. 
6. Red flame:-
Black soot on utensils is due to uneven flame supply.


  • Compressor:-
    If the compressor is not working, the Ac unit will not cool your room.
  • Evaporator coils:-
    Coils get corroded, but if they are located inside, they require maintenance every 6 months.
  • Condenser coils:-
    These are located outside with the compressor. so, they get dirty & must be cleaned once a year if they get too dirty technician will have to clean with a chemical cleaner.
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