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Are you in need of carpentry repairs? Then have a look at-rajservicesonline website. We provide a skillful professional to help you within the slot-time. You can book your registrations through the website or by a call. Our technician deals with all kinds of repairs very efficiently at a reasonable cost. we provide service to all carpentry works in a well-organized manner. we offer our service including residential, commercial & industrial spaces.

Types of services we offer are:
1. General repair/ Fixes:-
We provide service to all kinds of repairs. carpenters construct and repair buildings made from wood, including door frames, stairways and more..
2. Door & window repairs:-
Carpenter also do repairs for doors and windows to get them into proper working condition.
3.Furniture works/repairs:-
Carpenter provide service to furniture and does all repairs very efficiently.
4. Aluminium partition:-
We also offer service to aluminium partitions in both residential and commercial spaces.
5. The office works:-
We provide service to office equipment made of wood like tables, almirah, cupboards, wooden cabins, shelves etc
6. Wooden cupboards:-
We do repairs and service to wooden cupboards in residential and commercial spaces.
7. Ceiling work:-
We do all kinds of ceiling works in a well-satisfactory manner.
8. Wood polishing:-
We provide wood polishing as per customer requirement.

Merits of Rajservices:

  • Replacement of damaged material with quality new ones.
  • We provide service in commercial and residential spaces.
  • We serve you within slot time of your choice.

Our team is strongly organized:

We accept both online and offline bookings. Immediately after getting registered, we send you a skilled professional to your doorstep. Get relaxed the work will be completed efficiently. We charge an affordable price for our quality service.
Common problems of carpentry:
1. Glue strains/stuck,
2. Weak joints,
3. Split in the wood,
4. Unable to open drawers (or)doors,
5. When the carpentry finish looks uneven.

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